The Hype for Rhythm Hive

BTS will be featured in Big Hit Entertainment’s new mobile-game Rhythm Hive

Rhythm Hive was trending Wednesday after the official trailer for the mobile game was posted on YouTube. The new mobile game sparked interest for a number of reasons, including korean pop stars BTS, ENHYPEN, and TXT being the line-up for this season’s launch.

The teaser shows that both single-player and multiplayer modes can be played, with the ability to join teams and support your favorite performers, allowing players to earn achievements and new advantages along the way.

However, as K-pop fans have rushed to get on the app, it’s already caused several issues with crashes and wait times, and players have taken to Twitter to posts memes about the delay.

Fans have been anticipating the game since it was reported back in November that the groups would be collaborating on a K-pop mobile app. Produced by Superb and backed by Big Hit Entertainment, Rhythm Hive’s pre-season was made available Febraury 4 KST, with the full season coming soon.

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